Yilan is situated on Taiwan's northeast coast surrounded by high mountains on three sides and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Yilan is famous for its stunning natural environment featuring beautiful high mountains with immense forests, natural cold and hot springs and lush rice fields. Yilan has an abundance of places to hike and admire nature while the ocean offers a wealth of recreation activities including dolphin and whale watching, fishing, scuba diving and surfing. Yilan offers the perfect setting to relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Only a few of the very many scenic places are mentioned below. Ask Andy and Jenny and they will give you the information you need to make your stay in Yilan a fantastic time.


Dong Shan River Park
The Dongshan River Park is located on the banks of Dongshan River, just to the south of Luodong which is approximately 15 minutes drive from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast. The park is a nice place to cycle and stroll along the river bank. The annual International Children’s Folkgame and Folklore Festival is held at the water park during the summer which attracts thousands of people to play in the water.
River boat tours are available during the summer which run to and from the Traditional Arts Center. The water park also occasionally holds concerts and performances. Yilan’s annual Dragon Boat Festival races are held here, and can be seen all day long from the banks around the bridge.

Wulaokeng Scenic Area
Wulaokeng River is located in Dongshan Township only 10 minutes from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast. The crystal clear waters are a favorite place for locals to swim, camp and picnic. Other activities to be enjoyed are fishing, catching shrimps, barbecuing, playing in the water as well as bird watching.

Meihua Lake
Meihua Lake is beautiful lake located within five minutes of Kimpton Bed and Breakfast. The lake is popular for strolling or renting bicycles to ride around the lake and there is also a trail located to the left of Sanching Temple which goes through a tea plantation which takes about 2 hours to complete a round trip.

Xinliao Waterfall
Xinliao Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located 10 minutes from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast. It is an easy walk of approximately 20 minutes to reach the viewing deck of the waterfall which is quite impressive, especially after it rains.

Loudong Sports Park
This huge 47-hectare sports park is located about 7 minutes from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast. The green park gives visitors a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area's scenery as well as to engage in sports of various kinds. It is divided into four areas: sports, landscape, waterscape, and forest. This is an ideal place to relax, and perhaps to get some exercise.

Suao Mineral Cold Spring
Suao Cold Spring is situated 20 minutes from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast and is usually popular in summer. It is one of only a few cold springs in the world. The water from Suao's mineral cold springs emerges from the ground at a temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius. This cool, clear, odorless, naturally carbonated water can be used for both drinking and bathing. Additionally, you can go hiking before or after to the top of Seven Star Mountain to catch grand vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Yilan Plain to the north. The hiking trail begins just above the cold springs, next to the temple and takes 25 minutes.

National Traditional Arts Center
The Traditional Arts Center is located some 20 minutes from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast by car by the Dongshan River.The arts center features displays and performances of culture and art and has a stage where performing artists can show off their creative works. You can walk among the artistic creations, listen to folk music, and take pleasure in thrilling opera performances.

Loudong Night Market
The famous but crowded Luodong Night Market is about 5 minutes drive from Kimpton Bed and Breakfast and offers up a vast selection of delicious food along with the usual night market stuff. The night market surrounds Zhongshan Park in the center of Loudong and goes until the wee hours. It is great fun to browse through shops and taste scrumptious Taiwanese night market treats and soak in the local culture.

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